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Our individual player banners can be printed in 28 sizes from 12"x18" to 4'x12', but we actually find that individual banners work best at 2'x3' (poster size). These are big enough to look great and small enough to be portable for those who

take their banners down between games. Banners are durable and weatherproof unless exposed to extreme conditions.

Team banners can be printed in much larger sizes depending on the size of the team itself. Grommets are included in each corner (for hanging) and every two feet depending on the size of the banner.

2'x3' individual banners look great on the stadium fence and are perfect for senior night

Premium banners are printed on 13 oz. vinyl, have a higher resolution, are printed in 7 colors, and are better for outdoor use.

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, we now offer Econo banners which are on a lighter weight vinyl, have a lower resolution, are printed in 4 colors, and are more suitable for indoor use. And, of course, they run 10%-20% less expensive than the premium version depending on size ordered.

Our designs are unique to the school, the team, and the sport. We use colors, logos, and backgrounds associated with the team and/or the school involved.


The process begins with a team photo session. Using our unique set up, we need about an hour to take individual and group photos of a single team. While we can do the session outdoors, we prefer to take photos indoors (even for outdoor teams) so that we can control the lighting and the weather--and protect our equipment.

Once we have the photos, we begin working on the design of the individual banner. We prepare a sample for approval within a few days after the photography session. Once the sample has been approved, we prepare all individual banners and again ask for approval on each banner from a team point of contact. This is done to ensure that all data points (names, jersey number, positions, etc.) are correct before printing. At the same time, and using a similar approval process, we begin working on the team banner.

Once we get final approval from you, we order the banners and have them in your hands within three days after the order is placed.


Due to competition sensitivity we do not publish our prices on our web site. However, we will provide a custom quote upon request. Discounts are available for large teams and for groups that want banners for multiple teams at once.

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For a precise quote, please specify size and quantity of banners needed. Your need date helps us prioritize your request so we can satisfy your requirements. Thank you.

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