Honoring the Highest Scouting Awards

untitled- PORTRAIT010Beginning September 1, 2016, if you have recently earned the highest rank in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts--and you live in Loudoun County, VA--Sumser Photography would consider it an honor and privilege to symbolize your achievement with a free portrait in uniform. The cost of the session itself as well as one 8x10 print are our gifts to you in recognition of this outstanding accomplishment.

As an Eagle Scout myself, I know what it takes to reach this goal. Typically, not only are you working on the scouting requirements, but you're also juggling the demands of high school academics, sports, family, church, and other extra-curricular activities. The commitment you have made to yourself, to your life, and to your community is more than worthy of special recognition.

To arrange a session, please use our contact page and put "Scout Award" in the subject. Include scout's name, troop number and date of award.

Please note that eligibility is limited to scouts who contact us within six months after their Eagle Court of Honor or Gold Award Ceremony.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement.

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