2017.09.15 Football: John Champe @ Broad Run

Ashburn, VA (September 15, 2017) –The result of an early season matchup of unbeaten teams usually means that one team will be deemed a legitimate contender. That's what the John Champe Knights were striving for as they entered the stadium at Broad Run to face the Spartans.

Both teams had extra incentive to do well as they were playing in honor of Ryan Kwak, a Champe senior hurt in a recent accident. The visiting sidelines were decked in purple, the principle color of Ryan's favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens. And there were hues of the same across the home team side and on ribbons through the Broad Run cheerleaders' hair.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

John Champe's Carl Garmon (4)

You could say that this game was won in the first quarter as Broad Run vaulted to a 14-0 lead without much resistance from the Knights. The Spartans were led by Tim Baldwin and Mitchell Griffis, who would each score twice in the first half.

Broad Run would extend their lead early in the second quarter to 20-0, but that's when Champe would start to claw their way back.

At halftime it was 26-14. A two-point smaller margin doesn't seem like much, but it was enough to energize the Knights. And, sure enough, they closed the gap even further right out of the second half gate with a second touchdown from Carl Gamon. The rocking Spartan Maroon Crew suddenly seemed out of wind, and the Knights' sideline had come alive.

Baldwin and Griffis would each score again in the second half, but bruising Knights' receiver Trevor Cosenke would get his second touchdown and Tyler Savage would add one, too, as Champe continued to fight back reducing the lead even further to 39-34. But that's as close as they would get as time simply ran out with Broad Run in possession.

Final score: Broad Run 39 - John Champe 34.

Players that could be clearly identified by jersey number are listed in the links below. Additional photos of these and other players may be found by reviewing the full gallery.
Broad Run Photos:

John Champe Photos:

Other Photos:

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