2016.10.19 Cross Country: LCPS Championships

Leesburg, VA (October 19, 2016) – Postponed from several weeks ago due to rain, the Loudoun County Public Schools Cross Country Championships seemed appropriately placed at the tail end of the season.

Beautiful fall foliage highlighted the familiar course, but the hot weather was certainly a surprise for mid October. The girls race was affected by temperatures in the upper 80's, but there was a noticeable drop in temperature for the boys competition and a commensurate decrease in times.

Loudoun Valley dominated the boys race with four of the five top finishers including champion Peter Morris. Bethany Graham, of John Champe, won the girls race while the Lady Vikings were crowned team champions, followed closely by Potomac Falls.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted this gallery of 501 images from the event (searchable by bib number).

Click on the links below for race and school specific photos:

  • © Chas Sumser 2016

    2016 Champion - Peter Morris, Loudoun Valley

    Boys (216 photos)

    1. Peter Morris, Loudoun Valley, 16:14
    2. Colton Bogucki, Loudoun Valley, 16:24
    3. Osman Humeida, Freedom, 16:31
    4. Jacob Hunter, Loudoun Valley, 16:31
    5. Jacob Windle, Loudoun Valley, 17:03
    6. Jacob Woody, Briar Woods, 17:04
    7. Brandon Dimitri, Briar Woods, 17:06
    8. Will Pompilio, Briar Woods, 17:07
    9. Sam Koltisko, Freedom, 17:08
    10. Jared Blumen, John Champe, 17:09
    11. Ulysses Chaslus, Potomac Falls, 17:09
    12. Chase Dawson, Loudoun Valley, 17:12
    13. Noah Howell, Freedom, 17:17
    14. Daniel Marks, Broad Run, 17:22
    15. Harry Challis, Dominion, 17:23
    16. Daniel Eisert, Loudoun County, 17:23 (tie)
  • © Chas Sumser 2016

    2016 Champion - Bethany Graham, John Champe

    Girls (283)

    1. Bethany Graham, John Champe, 19:12
    2. Natalie Morris, Loudoun Valley, 19:21
    3. Ava Hassebrock, Tuscarora, 19:35
    4. Deirdre Gilmore, Potomac Falls, 19:53
    5. Elise Abbe, Loudoun Valley, 20:16
    6. Nicole Uehlinger, Loudoun County, 20:21
    7. Sabrina Sokol, Broad Run, 20:24
    8. Kathryn Harris, Rock Ridge, 20:33
    9. Erin Olia, Potomac Falls, 20:37
    10. Katherine O Russell, Tuscarora, 20:39
    11. Sarah Phillip, Heritage, 20:43
    12. Kimberly Donohue, Loudoun Valley, 20:43
    13. Noelle Saine, Loudoun Valley, 20:51
    14. Chloe Ramirez, Riverside, 20:57
    15. Olivia VanNuys, Loudoun County, 21:01
    16. Zoe Durham, Potomac Falls, 21:01 (tie)

School specific photos:

chas_0033-1600Click HERE to view additional galleries by Chas Sumser. Contact chas@sumserphotography.com if you have a story or event in need of photographic coverage.

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