2018.01.13 Boys Basketball: Martinsburg @ Loudoun Valley

Purcellville, VA (January 13, 2018) – From the tipoff the game was fast-paced and high-flying. The visiting Martinsburg Bulldogs brought their acrobatic offense to the packed gym of the equally dynamic Loudoun Valley Vikings. In the second game of an unusual home-and-home regular season challenge two neighboring states were well-represented right from the start.

The Vikings jumped out in front with a balanced scoring attack. Momentarily stunned, the Bulldogs clawed back behind the wizardry of point guard Jarod Bowie. Only a buzzer beating three-pointer from Jord0n Miller kept Loudoun Valley in front at the end of the first quarter, 21-17.

Braxton Wright (14)

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

Martinsburg owned the first few minutes of the next period and tied the score at 24-24. The momentum turned when the Vikings' Dominic Peterson threw a blind pass over his head to Miller for a Dunk igniting a seven-point run and opening a 31-24 gap. Valley would extend that margin slightly as the first half ended, 46-39.

As the second half opened up, the Bulldogs were again the aggressors--and they were doing it without Bowie's services who was now only available for spot duty due to an injury. Amazingly, Martinsburg tied the game, 56-56, with seven minutes remaining and briefly took the lead on a free throw from Joe Bokay.

That lead was fleeting and didn't faze the Vikings a bit as their seniors, especially Jalen Wiliams, wrenched control back, scored the next six points, and secured a margin they would never relinquish. Martinsburg would put Loudoun Valley on the foul line repeatedly in the final minutes, but the Vikings would rarely miss and held on to win.

Final score: Loudoun Valley 74 - Martinsburg 66

Players who could be clearly identified by jersey number are listed in the links below. Additional photos of these and other players may be viewed and purchased in the full gallery.

Loudoun Valley:

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