2017.12.07 Girls Basketball: Stuart @ Park View

Sterling, VA (December 7, 2017) – The home team got off to a very slow start, and it looked like the Stuart Raiders might win just as easily as their JV team had earlier in the evening. But midway through the first quarter, the Park View Patriots switched to a full-court, pressing defense and everything evened out after that.

Assuming the first quarter mantle of leadership, sophomore center Hannah Crawford urged her team to close the gap. Only a last second shot by the Raiders' Alicia Gendell kept the visitors in the lead at 13-11.

The shot by Stuart's Regina Martinez (33) is blocked by Park View's Mariama Diallo (5)

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

As the second quarter began Park View surged ahead, 20-13. The Patriots suddenly looked like the team of destiny, but that was not to be the case as Stuart fought back to go ahead 25-23. Returning the first quarter favor, however, Park View took the halftime lead with a late shot, 26-25.

There was a big difference as the second half began, and it ultimately would decide the game. The Raiders' offense was more patient and disciplined than they had been earlier in the game resulting in fewer mistakes and more consistent play.

Park View was up to the task, but a moment of frustration led to a technical foul on Crawford. With the young center out of the game it was time for Stuart's center Brooke Carmody to take over. And that she did, scoring eight straight points for her team during one stretch of the fourth quarter.

Although the Raiders broke away in the final three minutes, the game could have been won by either team. Perhaps that slow start--way back in the first quarter--made just enough of a difference to give Stuart the final edge.

Final score: Stuart 52 - Park View 45

Players who could be clearly identified by jersey number are listed in the links below. Additional photos of these and other players may be found by reviewing the full gallery.

Park View:

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